Huskies Facts You Might Never Heard Before

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
Huskies Facts
It is believed that Siberian Husky were brought to our world by Chukchi, living in northeastern Siberia. The term “husky” (distorted “Eski”) originally meant the Eskimos. Later this name was stuck for Eskimo Husky. Eskimo huskies are dogs with a thick coat, pointed muzzle, erect ears and a curled tail.

!event in 1925! A dog pack saved the whole city from death, bringing the vaccine from diphtheria. A bronze statue of Balto, leader of this pack, stands at the entrance of New York’s Central Park.
Eskimos from severe frosts like to repeat that tonight they will need three dogs. Propping them on three sides “living heaters,” they do not freeze. The unique structure of wool not only allows the “Siberians” to work at temperatures down to minus 60 degrees, but also frees them from the common to almost all the dogs smell.
Huskies can cover the distance about 250 kilometers a day in harness.  Pack of 6-8 Huskies can reach speed up to 25-35 km / h. These dogs demonstrate increased stamina, great speed and ability to work in a team.

Huskies Facts :- Eskimo Husky are often taken to hunt on polar bears.
Huskies Facts :- Siberian or Arctic Huskies are the fastest among sled dogs in Alaska.
Huskies Facts:- Siberian Husky was bred in Siberia and it’s the ancestor of the Chukchi polar dogs tribe.
Huskies Facts:-The first Siberian husky was brought to the United States in 1908.

Appearance and behavior:
Eyes of huskies can have different colors, vary from brown to blue and may be partly differently colored. Their eyes are usually almond-shaped and slightly sloping.

Gray and black huskies have black noses, and brown dogs will have a brown little nose.

Huskies can‘t be guard dogs because of their curious and friendly nature.

Husky will never bite. This intelligent breed will become your best friend.  Lifespan of this cute and clever little dog is from 12 to 14 years.

It’s one of breeds, which you can call “chatty”, as they make different sounds, depending on the mood.

They love to run. If you give your husky only a 15-minute walk 2-3 times a day, your pet will get bored and may start having health problems. It is necessary to keep huskies in good physical shape and walk with them daily not less than 25 minutes. However, in hot weather it’s better to reduce the load of training, since the animal is exposed to thermal shock.

Howl of the Siberian husky is most similar to a wolf howl.  Adult dog’s howling spreads on fifteen kilometers. Some people believe that the wolf is the closest ancestor of Huskies, but it’s not true. Huskies are domestic dogs and were used by man for centuries. Usually huskies play the role of wolves in movies, that’s why people might think they are ancestors of wolfs.

In the eighties of the twentieth century the Siberian Huskies were noticed by fashion designers. They started to use dogs on fashion shows, where they walked side by side with fashion models, dressed in black leather suits.

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