Friday, February 26, 2021
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German Shepherd Born With Dwarfism Will Always Look Like A Puppy!

Most people love these little fluffy creatures, dogs, cats, pandas, or bunnies. So, how will you respond to a naturally big animal that is not growing any larger than a puppy size? It will stay cute and adorable all of his life. Unfortunately, he had to pay the price of this. But no worries, his story has a happy ending though!

His name is Ranger

Ranger is 2 years old now. However, he still looks like a puppy despite his age! He has a rare condition called Pituitary Dwarfism, he was diagnosed with it after he got infected with an infection caused by the Giardia parasite.

Look how cute this puppy-looking German Shepherd is!

Shelby Mayo, Ranger’s owner, explained his condition and said that he took Ranger from his breeder and he noticed that he is smaller in size than his mates. Then, we knew that the reason behind this is a parasite called Coccidia. After a few weeks, he took him and he was healed from this parasite later on. Then, he got a parasite called Giardia. And we figured out that Ranger had a large infection in his neck. In the end, they managed to control the infection and after that, they got rid of it.

After he was healed from the parasite, his owners noticed that he is not growing like the normal rate. So, they took him to the vet to understand what’s going on.

They knew that even though he recovered from his infection, he will not be able to grow normally anymore. Also, he had some health issues with his skin such as flaky skin and shedding fur. The reason behind all of that was the Hypothyroidism disorder which hit the endocrine system and causes a lack of thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland

Healthy and Happy Ranger!

But don’t worry! His incredible owners made sure he is totally recovered and now he is healthy and happy. He also has supporters and followers following him online, and also some dog best friends!