Friday, February 26, 2021
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28 Pics of A German Shepherd & Ferret Unusual Friendship That Will Surprise You!

Love has no boundaries! We have posted before about unusual friendships between German Shepherds and other animals. Now, we have a new one! Nova and Pacco, a German Shepherd and a ferret are crazy in love with each other, they are best friends regardless of all their differences! Their owner Diana Grib said that they live together as if they are not even different animals.

She said that she got Nova first, from that moment, she introduced her to all animals including parrots, cats, rats, and rabbits. Diana spent a lot of time teaching her lovely dog how to deal with all kinds of animals and even humans. When Nova grew up, Diana decided to get the next pet that she wanted to get so bad. She contacted many ferret farms and she insisted to get one that can deal with dogs. Then, she got what she was dreaming about!

They have some similarities though. They both are brave, playful, and curious. They have similar personalities and they both dealt with other animals before. So, they can get along easily and smoothly. When they met for the first time, Pacco was wandering in the house to know it more and Nova was acting like a shadow to him. A few days later, Pacco and Nova started to pay attention to each other and they started the fun!

So now, they both are regularly traveling, sleeping, and playing together. Their owner says that she feels she owns two dogs. Also, she says that Nova is so happy that she had a new friend by her side.

Diana warned people that ferrets are not the ultimate animal for everyone. They usually bite, some do this more and some less. However, they do it when they don’t like something. Also, they sense fear and use this for their advantage. So, if you’re afraid of them or you have kids, you better not get one.

Also, she warned that you have to take a good care of their health and pay attention to the food they eat and the conditions you create for them.

Nova, on the other hand, is a really friendly dog. She’s always ready to show her love to the entire world, whether it’s someone she knows or a random passer-by. “It also helps that she’s very patient. She doesn’t get mad at Pacco even if he hurts her a little bit while playing.”

We will leave you with their adorable pictures below!

Their Instagram account is nova_n_pacco