Dogs consistently figure out how to engage themselves and us. A wicked puppy named Zeus causes his folks to remain alert with his tricks.

Zeus, a long-haired German Shepherd, lives with his family in California. A normal day for this little guy incorporates running with his father, playing a round of bring, and discovering some wickedness to get into. Zeus wants to eat yet hates the vacuum.

German Shepherd Helps Clean Mess

One day he found the compartment that held the food he loves – either coincidentally or intentionally – it spilled on the floor. James, Zeus’ father, walked into the mess and put him in the other space to tidy up the food.

But, Zeus figured he would help from the opposite side of the shut entryway. All things considered, he is the person who made the chaos. As James was going to begin cleaning, he saw a tongue jab in and begin to eat the food.

The funny video was posted on social media. The video had the caption, “I have a really big tongue and a huge hankering for treats! I made a huge mess and was trying to help clean up!”