If at any time there was a dog that was destined to work, it’s the great German shepherd.

These dogs have so much energy. Particularly, the working lines, and if they don’t have work to do… well, you’re simply requesting it. Luckily, Glada Fjäderfäns Gård of Tidaholm, Sweden, never needs to stress over discovering enough things to keep her shepherd Thorin involved.

They live on a farm that is loaded up with a wide range of critters, furred and feathered groups that he’s endowed to crowd and secure. Also, he works superbly!

Simply take a look at how sweet he is with this valuable baby chicks. He permits them to run and play between his paws and not even once acts forcefully.

Typically, little creatures like this would be scared of a bigger dog with sharp teeth and large paws. Be that as it may, these little folks have obviously added Thorin to their “circle of trust”.

More than 20 million people have viewed Thorin devotedly guarding this grasp of charming baby quails. What’s more, when you watch their sweet interaction in the video below, it will be anything but difficult to see why.

Watch these cute babies fall into line in the video below, and share Thorin’s sweet nature today!

Oleg Kerbs