Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Golden Retriever and German Shepherd Panic After Their Owner Collapsed!

This funny German Shepherd and Golden Retriever owner decided to prank his dogs. Firstly, German Shepherd Max and Goldie Murphy were a little bit worried to see their “fainted” owner. But this did not last long. They started discussing a plan to help their human best friend, Brian, and that what they did. Fortunately, Brian recorded the whole scene. And he also added hilarious English subtitles for people who cannot read dogs.

It’s very interesting that dogs can understand when we are sick. They learned this in 2 ways. Their incredible sense of smell is 100,000 stronger than humans. So, they know when our body chemicals change and they smell it that there is something wrong.

Humans can teach dogs to smell the VOC in the human body, it helps with illness early detection, like cancer. It’s 90% accurate that they can smell lung cancer from the person’s breath! Also, they can detect blood sugar changes and ketone presence in people who have diabetes. So, if your dog is paying more attention to a part of your body than usual, it’s a sign for you and you have to check-up.

Watch the entire video below


Also, scientists have stated that a human’s mood -which can be a huge indicator of some illness- triggers dogs and they can smell it. People’s emotions be a physical chemosignals indication that is released from the body, and our dogs are adapted to these changes.

Alongside their smell sense, dogs also have the ability to collect information about their humans from their voice. Scientests discovered a few years ago that dogs has a place in their minds where they can analyze the tone of human’s voice, it’s similar to the human’s brain in this. So, they can detect depression, dizziness, and so on

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