Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Golden Retriever Adopts an Orphan Kitten Abandoned By Her Mom

When her mother rejected her, Ichimi the kitten was adopted by Ponzu, the golden retriever, and his human best friend Jessiepon. They started nursing her until she recovered and got her full health back. Ponzu played the guardian role very well with Ichimi.

Ichimi has granted Ponzu the comfort he needed the most after his heartbreak after Wasabi’s loss. Wassabi is a kitten that Jessiepon and Ponzu rescued from an attack by crows. Then, she died in August. Currently, Ponzu has a new baby to take a good care of.

Surprisingly, Unusual friendships between different animals are not rare. We have published an article before about unusual friendships between German Shepherds and other animals. It’s proof that animals from different species can be friends.

Ichimi was discovered by Ponzu after her mom abandoned her

The big-hearted Golden Retriever, Ponzu, adopted her

The duo became best friends very fast

The two best friends also celebrated the holidays together

Ichimi is helping Ponzu heal from his heartbreak after his kitten best friend died of a crow attack

Love has no differentiations, any animals can be best friends