Feed Huskies What is the Best Food for Siberian Huskies?

feed huskies

How To Feed Huskies

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina
To support all the basic digestive processes of Huskies, it is important to feed huskies correctly and efficiently, because it affects health, appearance, and even the mood of your pet. The only weak point of huskies is their stomach, which is very sensitive. Diet of these dogs will be different from other breeds.

Recommended and forbidden foods to feed huskies
Husky eat a little, but firmly. The diet can consist of both dry and natural feed, but it should contain a lot of protein and fat.
Natural products have to be very fresh, high-quality and diverse. Dogs of this breed can eat marine fish, vegetables, meat and offal.
Meat should not be less than 60 – 70% of a daily diet. It’s better if you give raw meat and boiled offal. It’s not recommended to give the minced meat, because the dog will suffer from indigestion. Huskies need meat, which is cut into pieces.
Puppies under 6 months should be fed only with the high-quality beef. When the puppy is only 30 days, he already can eat sliced meat and grow.
You can feed your dog with the sea food, but it works only for adult dogs. Puppies should eat boiled fish with removed bones.
Vegetables should make about 20 – 30% of the diet. Some of them must be eaten raw (cucumber, carrots, beets), and others – cooked (pumpkin, cabbage, green beans).
In addition, it is necessary to give Huskies vitamins and minerals.
Forbidden products include smoked meat, pickles, citrus, potato, and beans.
Overusing these products, your husky can get stomach problems, and even kidney failure. It’s also important not to feed your pet frozen food.

Approximate daily menu to feed huskies
Adult dogs must eat about 4% of their weight daily, approximately 2 kilos.
Morning – cheese, eggs, some vegetables or fruits
Lunch – meat or fish
In the evening – porridge
Husky’s nutrition depends on the appetite, temperament and lifestyle. Having a sedentary lifestyle, dogs will need less food and protein. Overfeeding is as harmful as underfeeding.
How to choose dry food for huskies?
Mixed feeding (natural and dry food) is possible, but considerably.
Some manufacturers have dry food exclusively for huskies or just dry food, which contains a lot of fat and few carbohydrates. It’s better not to try low-price feeds, as they are low in meat and can cause stomach problems.  Feeds of premium and super premium class are nutritious and contain minerals and vitamins.

Dry food doesn’t have enough liquid, and you should give your dog plenty of fresh water in a bowl.  Soaked in warm water for 15 minutes dry dog food will be even better.
As huskies have sensitive stomach, you can give them food, which is labeled “hypoallergenic”. Lamb, fish and chicken are considered to be allergenic.  Carefully read labels and avoid feeds with soy, corn, and coloring additives. Cheap food can’t be good and healthful for dogs.
It’s better to buy dry food in a good pet store or kennel, where competent consultants will answer all your questions.

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