Should i let my dog sleep with me in bed?


So many dog owners ask this question, especially at the very beginning, when the puppy is new at home.

And while scientists are busy proving and busting theories of the harm that sleeping together with your dog brings, dogs all over the world are fighting for their place under the owner’s blanket 🐶👍🏼.

Once you let your dog sleep in your bed, remember: there’s no way back!😀

Firstly, your dog simply won’t leave, and… you are not that much against it anymore anyway, right?

In reality, this is a personal choice of each one of us, just don’t forget that it’s very important to provide your dog with predictability:

▫️Whatever your dog is allowed to do must be allowed at all times! ▫️

This doesn’t have to do only with the question of sleeping with the owner, this is the main principle of proper training!
(Mind you, not only of dogs😊)

2 important conditions:

▫️Your dog must have a place where it can spend some alone time

▫️You have the right to ask your dog to go its place for some time, because it’s not just the dog, you also have the right for privacy. Sleeping together is amazing, but the bed is yours after all

Does your dog sleep with you in bed? Share in the comment section below! 👇