“Is that you? Georgie?”

This is what the Thai man said when he found his lost dog while he was walking. The dog was sitting next to a tree on the side of the street.

A video of this amazing reunion shows how the dog is reacting slowly, yet welcoming the greeting and then he moved closer to the man. The man lost his dog three years ago, which is a lot of time for them both!Man Finds Lost Dog After 3 Years

“Georgie it is you?” He said again. “Aww sweet boy, how are you boy”

He begins to pet the dog, who is moving with happiness in return. Georgie was very happy to be reunited with his loving owner.

After that, a neighbor shopkeeper whose store is near the scene saw the commotion.

“That’s your dog?” He asked the man.Source: YouTube/Temo Paghava The dog turns around slowly, then notices the man.

“Yes, he is the dog from my yard,” the man said. “I’ve been looking for him. He recognized me, can you imagine? Can you take a photo of us?”

Fortunately, the whole thing was recorded on video, you can it see below. Temo Paghava