Yesterday Max jumped on me while sleeping, and my 3 bones cracked. Well this might be bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, his weight started worrying me a lot and that’s when I consulted my vet. He prepared a strict diet, and I made sure that poor Max followed it. It was a while before the results started showing, but trust me, it was worth it.
Like me, you also love your dog. All was well, but suddenly out of the blue moon, hell broke loose. Maybe your dog stared gaining weight recently? Or he/she become too heavy to pick up? Has he/she started looking fat? Or maybe the vice-versa is true. Whatever the case you must carefully plan your dog’s diet and follow them to the letter. This may be a bigger task than you imagine; it’s near impossible to refuse these guys anything when they look at you with those innocent puppy eyes. How much dogs should eat depends upon a number of factors, namely their age, breed and also on the particular dog itself.

However the first step is to find the ideal weight of your dog. There are many ways to do so, however the most accepted method is to assign dogs a rating from 1-9 based upon his/her physical appearance and touch. Based on comparing his looks with a diagram and feeling his/her ribs and body, the rating is give. 1-3 is underweight, 4-5 is ideal and 6-9 is overweight. The next step is to determine the idea weight goal according to the rating given. Also note down the calorie content of the dog food that you buy(I know that most of you already know this, but so as to not be accused of abdication of responsibility, it’s written on the back of the pack). Once you have figured out all these hefty details, the rest is a walk in the park. Just feed the details in A Dog Food Calculator online, and voila- you have the serving per meal to feed your dog. Just follow this diet, and your problem should be solved.

Do note that the method above is just an estimate. The correct diet for dogs should be based on careful observation. To do so you should regularly weigh them(and weigh yourself too, you should manage your own weight too) and see how they respond to the diet. Also ensure that the diet contains sufficient proteins and vitamins; for dogs, these are essential nutrients too .

The correct diet for your dear pet, will not only ensure their health and happiness, but can also extend their lives up to 2 years. These little guys(or the big monsters, no offense meant) give us so much, hence it’s our duty to see to their well-being. They deserve at least this much, and much much more.