self-control: why does your dog need it?

self-control: why does your dog need it?

«Why should I teach my dog self-control?🤔» – dog owners often ask, implying that it’s quite a useless skill.

However, this statement is far from truth. Self-control (or impulse-control) is actually very useful.

❗Self-control is necessary for any dog.

This skill is based on three main commands: “Sit”, “Stand” and “Down”.

The dog that is taught to exercise self-control stays in a certain position until the owner tells it to stop.

This comes in handy in many different situations.

✔️For example, your dog will simply remain in its place if guests come over, and when you are using public transportation your dog will calmly sit or lie right next to you.

When your dog knows self-control, you will always be able to stop by a café, or leave your dog to wait alone, obviously keeping it in sight (for its own safety).

A dog that is taught impulse-control can also generally behave well in an environment where there are dogs running, people walking, cats passing by, birds flying and children screaming all around.

So, it’s not only useful, but also generally necessary to teach your dog self-control.

If you don’t know where to begin when teaching this crucial skill to your four-legged friend, we invite you to start (or continue🐕) learning with us in our video course on dog training with the use of positive reinforcement methods.