10 most aggressive dog breeds in the world

aggressive dog breeds

10 most aggressive dog breeds in the world

Written by: Anastasia Spevakina

Any dog can bit, and it’s a well – known fact. However, some dogs make it more likely than others, and the most aggressive breeds are not necessarily the most dangerous dogs.
Here is the ranking of the 10 most aggressive dog breeds in the world.

Surprise! According to a recent research, this little dog is the most aggressive breed in the world. Despite the fact that Dachshunds can’t cause serious harm to humans, this little monster is known for his hatred to strangers. As it turned out, one of 5 taxes bite strangers at least once a life, and one out of 12 attacked their owners.

Second place goes to one more breed that hardly can be taken seriously by anybody. When it comes to aggression, few dogs can surpass a Chihuahua. In fact, you are more likely to be bitten by a Chihuahua than a Doberman!

Jack Russell Terrier
Small breeds compensate small size with aggressiveness. Third in the list of the most aggressive dogs in the world goes to another “toy” dog, not a pit bull or a bulldog as you expected. Jack Russell Terriers can’t handle bad treatment. So take care of children, who play with these brutal four-legged pets.

Schnauzers are especially aggressive with other dogs and strangers. This service breed requires special training and control. Because of their large size and loud barking, frightening Schnauzers are good guard dogs.

These four-legged pets are truly amazing dogs, but they may behave aggressively toward other dogs. Moreover, the Rottweiler fiercely defends his owner, and it can occur in aggressiveness towards strangers, if the dog feels that his owner is in danger.

Chow chow
You may be surprised to see Chows in this list, but the truth is that they are still one of the most aggressive breeds in the world. Chows look pretty and cute, but don’t trust this beautiful shell. They are very irritable, and prove their right for food with aggressiveness. In addition, they are good defenders and will not allow anyone to approach the owners or their territory.

Pit bull
While fans of this breed often praise pit bulls for gentleness and friendliness, no one can deny that these dogs really have aggressive instincts. It is believed that this dog can distinguish friends from enemies, but, nevertheless, small animals (cats and rabbits) are their prey, and it should not be forgotten.

These decorative stylish dogs actually bite a lot! Papillons are particularly aggressive towards children, because they are very quickly irritated and will not tolerate any bullying. Moreover, these dogs actively protect their owners and can attack strangers.

Cocker Spaniel
Cockers are one of the most beloved family pets. They are good in home protection, but not so much to call them aggressive. Nevertheless, some dogs of this breed are genetically prone to the “syndrome of fury”. This disease is very dangerous and lead to sudden attacks of dogs on their owners.

Dobermans have undeserved bad reputation. These dogs are good defenders of their owners, and instinctively know when the owner is in real danger.