TOP-10 Breeds of Dogs for Home Security: Description and Features of the Content 

The choice of a security guard for a private house should be approached as responsibly as the choice of a watch brand, a platform for watching TV series, or the best casino with great bonuses like or a car brand. The same with a dog, it must be brave, but at the same time loyal, trained, hardy, indifferent to other animals, and suspicious of strangers. 

Small Breeds of Dogs for Home 


Dachshunds have a developed sense of ownership and are good at distinguishing between themselves and others. Of course, a small dog will not be able to fully protect the territory and property, but it signals a dangerous situation by barking. In addition, keeping dachshunds in a country house is much safer than in an apartment. On the site, it is easier for pets to realize their love of digging minks and throw out their energy (although the garden may suffer in this case). 

Miniature Pinscher 

Despite its size, the Miniature Pinscher is a true guard dog. These pets are fearless, responsible, neutral towards other animals. Unlike many small dogs, Miniature Pinschers have strong nerves, are hardy and enjoy physical activity. 

Miniature Schnauzer 

This little dog can boast of all the virtues of service dogs: intelligence, courage, intuition. The miniature schnauzer will notice the danger in time, warn the owner and boldly stand up for his protection. Despite the thick coat, the dog can live only in the house or aviary. 


Medium Dog Breeds for Home 

Akita Inu 

In ordinary life, Akita Inu are goodnatured companions, but in an emergency, they are able to defend the owner. Most representatives of the breed are distinguished by restraint, wariness of strangers, and voice only in case of real danger. In a suburban area, Akita Inu can be kept in an insulated aviary or booth. 


Dobermans have a developed instinct for the protection of territory, faithfully protecting the family and home. They are smart, react quickly to a dangerous situation, and are often used to serve in law enforcement agencies. It is necessary to understand that Doberman needs serious training and constant communication with people. With improper upbringing and constantly keeping in an aviary, the dog will become overly aggressive. 

Large Breeds of Dogs for Nome 

Caucasian Shepherd Dog 

This hardy breed is excellent for yearround outdoor keeping and tolerates even severe frosts. Caucasians clearly and quickly assess the situation and, if necessary, take control. Loneliness does not scare them, but without regular contact with the owner and training, the animal can become dangerous. 

Central Asian Shepherd Dog 

With their working qualities, the Alabai is similar to their Caucasian relatives. But the breed’s coat is shorter, so it is better to keep the dog in an aviary or insulated booth. Like Caucasians, Central Asians need to walk in the open, outside the site. They are happy to accompany the owners to the forest. 

Moscow Watchdog 

Like the shepherd breeds described above, the Moscow watchdog was originally bred to protect large territories. Therefore, the dog needs movement, constant maintenance on a chain or in an aviary does not suit her. Compared to Caucasians and Alabai, the watchdog has a more balanced and friendly character but needs competent training. 

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