Top 8 Pictures Of Dogs Copying Their Owners

A popular belief is that dogs often resemble their owners. This was particularly the case for Liam Rice, from the Isle of Man and his dog Luna, a very expressive husky.

Just like our top 9 dogs who kept returning to the same places to find food, this series of photos was inspired by a Twitter post. Liam Rice shared a few photos of him and Luna doing the same facial expressions.

The tweet quickly went viral with others trying to reproduce the same thing with their pooches. Here are a selection of the most succesful attempts…

1. This dog is a true model in the making…

2. Beautfiul proof of solidarity.

3. A surprising resemblance…!

4. Less impressive but nevertheless adorable!

5. This little Jack Russel knows exactly how to imitate his owner.

6. These two are the embodiment of joy!

7. Beware of this fierce pooch and their human…

8. What a ferocious looking duo!

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