Shannon Lugdon heard a clear sound mid one morning in June close to her Maine home. It was a young moose requiring its mom.

Lugdon heard the calf crying for a large portion of the day, and is worried it may run into traffic, she called some game wardens to help her with shielding it from walking into a busy street. They guided the creature to a close-by watercourse, where she could hang tight for her mom to return.

The following day Lugdon came back to the rivulet. The calf had strayed. Fortunately, her German Shepherd, Leo, found the trail.
Woman Spots Abandoned Baby Animal & Her German Shepherd Finds New Bestie

It wasn’t some time before he found the calf. At just 6 days old, the animal had apparently been abandoned by her mom. However, Leo and the child moose were at that point quick companions, so Lugdon brought forth an arrangement.

They took care of her a clover, and water milkshake before taking her to a nearby vet. Leo helped by staying with the calf company.

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