All dog lovers know that Golden Retrievers are the purest animals in the world. They are very kind, gentle, friendly, and funny!

Here is a combination of the best 10 pictures that prove that Golden Retrievers are the purest creatures in the whole world. No wonder why they are so loved!

1- My Golden Retrievers just gave birth

My Friends Golden Just Had Puppies

2- Happiest Golden Retriever out there!

10 Times Golden Retrievers Were The Purest Creatures In The World

3- He always seeks to be the center of attention, be ready for many photo bombs!

Photobomb By My Little Sis. She's Always Trying To Be The Center Of Attention

4- This place is so COOL!

Baby Golden Retriever Realize He Can't Fit In His Old Place Anymore

5- Dusty always smiles at the camera, even if she’s upside down.

My Cousin's Golden Retriever Puppy, Dusty

6- 2-week-old golden retriever puppies to warm your heart

11 Two Week Old Golden Retrievers

7- Who’s ready for the photo session?

Oh Hi There

8- High Five!

Say Hi

9- Always ready for new adventures! Off To New Adventures

10- Most photogenic-animal-lover golden retriever!My Overly Photogenic Golden Retriever And My Bengal Trying To Hold Her Down