15 Hilarious pictures showing the real temper of the Golden Retriever


Golden Retrievers were originally bred as gundogs retrieving the hunted ducks and waterfowl. However, thanks to their incredibly soft and kind personalities, people started to raise them as house pets. Now, Golden Retrievers are considered one of the most famous breeds in the world that can be family dogs and great for all ages. Golden Retrievers are known to be very funny, caring, loving, and friendly. Here are 15 funny pictures proving the real temper of Golden Retrievers

#1 I’m ready for my prince charming!

#2 Sorry, I can’t take any gift from strangers.

#3 They share all your activities

#4 They will travel the world with you!

#5 Beach vacations will be 10x better

#6 This is the best package you will ever receive.

#7 Daddy, I got you a carrot!

#8 They make the best friendships with other animals.

#9 This chocolate is mine!

#10 I saw a sandwich, I’m eatin’ it!

#11 How can I tell them that I need new shoes?

#12 Mommy, I found your glove!

#13 True friendship starts in early age

#14 What’s better than a Golden Retriever? Two Golden Retrievers!

#15 I’m not sleeping, daddy!