15 Movies About Golden Retrievers

golden retriever movies

Golden Retrievers are from the most adorable dogs in the world. The breed is considered one of the most popular breeds ever. People get them as pets, and they even work as therapy dogs, service dogs, and more. Golden Retrievers are very loyal, active, energetic, kindhearted, funny, and caring. So, a lot of people around the globe love them a lot. That’s why a lot of filmmakers chose this breed to make their dog movies about. Here is a list of movies that features Golden Retrievers during them.

#1 A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

#2 Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1992)

#3 Napoleon (1995)

#5 A Golden Christmas (2009)

#6 Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco (1996)

#7 The Trial of Old Drum (2000)

#8 One Minute More (2014)

#9 Fluke (1995)

#10 For The Love of a Dog (2008)

#11 10 Promises To My Dog (2008)

#12 Buried Above Ground (2016)

#13 The Gold Retrievers (2009)

#14 3 Holiday Tails (2011)

#15 The Retrievers (2001)