Your Golden Retriever is communicating with you in their special way. There are studies that prove that dogs can feel their owner is fine or not or if he’s having some sort of disease. So, having a golden retriever is like having an emergency alarm, a best friend, and a psychotherapist. If you don’t know how do Golden Retrievers communicate with you, here are 15 signs that he is telling you something.

#1 When they give you this sad face it means they are upset you’re leaving them even for 5 seconds.

#2 They want you to know that they want to come with you everywhere.

#3 They are waiting for you to come home so sadly

#4 They want to play more

#5 They want to tell you not to leave them even for the toilet

#6 Please play more with me!

#7 We want more treats!

#8 Why don’t you take me with you to work!

#9 Don’t stop petting me, please!

#10 I want to get up and sleep on your bed next to you

#11 Why you want me to stop?? I’m having fun!

#12 I want to chase the cat!

#13 Why are you stopping me from eating the poop!

#14 I loved the rain.

#15 I will play forever