Dogs are called human best friends because they are social animals. Scientists proved that they can read human emotions and facial expressions. However, we don’t need to be scientists to understand how much dogs are communicating. Moreover, you don’t need to be a student at Harvard to know that your puppy can be an expert manipulative if he wants something or needs attention.

However, the upcoming Golden Retriever you will see now deserves an award for being the most creative and inventive. Here is Stella, a cute Golden Retriever that invented an incredible way to get extra attention from her humans when she needs it. Stella picks up any random object she finds in her way to make you look at her.

1- I have your cap

2- A stick

3- Is this the glasses you were searching for?

4- Look what I found!

5- Some ketchup on your fries, Hooman?

6- No worries, I’m not planning to chew it

7- I control the TV now.

8- Open this beer can for me.

9- No mobile phones, give me this attention you give your virtual friends on Facebook

10- Time to brush teeth

11- What is this blue sh**?

12- Okay I’m going to throw the trash away

13- Some soda to digest the food

14- I will always be in CONTROL

15- Stay hydrated you dehydrated hooman

16- Do you need this? ok, now you need me.

18 Photos of A Golden Retriever Picks Up Random Things When She Needs Extra Attention

17- I thought it’s some sort of animal…

18- Is this your sock?