19 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are The Worst!

19 Reasons Why German Shepherds Are The Worst!

If you’re thinking about getting a German Shepherd you have to reconsider your decision. Why? The great reputation of them about how intelligent, smart, cute, and kind they are, is wrong! If you don’t believe us, this article is to let you know how horrible this breed is.

#1 – They don’t ever stop bouncing off the walls.

#2 – Their puppies need a lot of work.

#3 – German Shepherds are evil and hate being with other dogs.

#4 – They hate things like being dressed up.

#5 – They hate riding cars or going to new places.

long-haired shepherds

#6 – German Shepherds are even rude as puppies.

#7 – You definitely can’t trust them to be with babies.

#8 – They can’t be easily trained.

#9 – They attack small dogs.

#10 – They hate cuddling and always need private space.

#11 – They’re impossible to clean, and they hate baths.

#12 – German Shepherds are always serious.

#13 – No fun whatsoever.

#14 – They prefer to be indoors.

#15 – German Shepherds hate children.

#16 – They’re heavy-duty chewers.

#17 – Keep them away from cats for their safety.

#18 –Well, probably you can get a German Shepherd, yet never get two!

#19 – You can never have a home full of German Shepherds at all!