Golden Retriever puppies are so energetic and active, that’s why they get tired a lot. So, be ready they will be sleeping everywhere they go. They appreciate nap times, so don’t wake them up!

So, if you’re suffering from insomnia, here are 20 photos of sleeping Goldie Puppies that will make you fell asleep!

1- Park benches are so comfortable it seems…When You Gotta Nap, You Gotta Nap

2- A group of sleeping goldies is better than one!

11 Two Week Old Golden Retrievers

3- Sleeping Best Friends!


4- Mom please when will we finish this shopping!

My School Always Brings A Bunch Of Therapy Dogs On Campus During Midterms To Cheer People Up And Look At This Lil Guy That Was On The Diag Today

5- I will just nap here for 5 minutes and get back to playing.

Playtime Ends Like This

6- My best sleeping dinosaur!

Naps On Naps On Naps

7- Shoes have another job instead of chewing

Daddy's Shoe Also Makes A Pretty Good Pillow

8- Bye bye hooman see you in my dreams!

Those Pawwwwws

9- We accept everyone who wants to sleep.

Little Guy Fell Asleep In A Basket With His Golden Retriever Puppies

10- Sleeping beauty


11- Sleeping in my daddy’s lap is very comfortable

Nap Time

12- Sleeping angle

2 Weeks Old

13- I took over your couch, not even sorry.

Made It Through The First 5 Min Of Movie Night

14- We can start the photo session after my 7th nap, why the hurry?

Goldie Nap Time

15- My favorite comfy red blanket is my napping companion


16- Sleeping by the window is my fav

17- A little nap in the middle of the walk won’t cost you anything, mom!

Meet Obi

18- Thanks for the bed, it made my naps comfier.

My Four Month Old Golden Retriever Enjoying Her New Bed

19- This hand is so big I can sleep in it!

10-Day Old Golden Retriever

20- Lap-Nap is always a faaav!

Lap-Nap Time