If you’re thinking about having a Golden Retriever and you didn’t make the decision, here you will make it so fast. We’re just 10 pictures away from adopting the most lovely dog ever.

1- I don’t know who’s more beautiful, the tiny puppies, or the loving momma

My Golden Retriever And Her 3 Day Old Puppies

2- You will wake up to the loveliest smile

A Golden Smile

3- He will always make you laughStretching Time

4- He will be your alternative kid

Took My Golden Retriever Puppy To The Park

5- These little cute paws will be your everyday viewSnout

6- Funniest dog ever by the testimony of all dog owners

Golden Retriever Pup

7- Happy dog will make you happy

One Happy Puppy

8- He will do the dishes for you, kidding, still you’ll get one.

My Golden Retriever Puppy Named 'kaycee' Who Wanted My Attention So Bad While Doing Dishes

9- You may be confused about him being a pup, bear, or a bunny?Molly.. Golden Puppy Or Bunny

10- Messy eating is funny don’t deny it!10 Photos You Will Decide To Get A Golden Retriever After Seeing Them