Totally Weird Things Your German Shepherd Enjoys For Some Reason

Totally Weird Things Your German Shepherd Enjoys For Some Reason
German Shepherds definitely love eating, playing, and napping on a daily basis. However, some of their special unusual activities may get you very confused. We will never understand what’s going on in dogs’ minds whatsoever. Here are the weirdest things your German Shepherd loves for no reason:

1. They love any shiny thing of your belongings, like jewelry or your cellphone.

Does your pup ever steal your phone? He may be stealing it to call the neighbor dog, or he just wants to grab your attention.

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2. They enjoy eating privately

Even though dogs are very sociable animals, however, they prefer to be alone at mealtime.

Totally Weird Things Your German Shepherd Enjoys For Some Reason

3. Any frozen treats.

We all know how much dogs love treats, however, they love ice cubes even more.

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4. Listening to music.

They love to hear music and it seems to be very claiming aids for them.

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5. Rolling in any dirty place, a.k.a. getting STINKY!

Earlier, dogs did this to hide their own scent (and boy does it work?), however to my disgust my dog just loves it.

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6. Poppin’ a squat right on your toes.


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7. Giving so many kisses!

We’re not sure if the dog actually loves you or loves the way you taste, anyway, he just like kissing you so much.

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8. Carrying anything around.

“Must. keep. This Ball.” If he throws it at your feet, you’ve got his heart.

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9. Chilling in the dog crate, however, some dogs might hate this.

Crate = lair. His crate is his comfort zone and safe place, he finds privacy, and the feng shui is amazing in there.

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10. Watching TV shows.

They may not be seeing things as clear as we do, but as we said in no. 1, bright things are always interesting.

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11. Running tasks with you.

They love anything with you. If you leave the house it’s their worst nightmare. Even if you’re gonna make many things outside the car, don’t leave them alone in there.

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